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Enjoy our presentation of the BMW R Nine-T on tour throughout Sierra Nevada


At over 30 degress in the shade all day long with cool people, beautiful rides and on the best roads in the Spanish Sierra Nevada – motorcycling is the hell on earth! I think the pictures really show how annoyed the whole troop was, and how unappealing the mission, too ;-) So basically, the whole thing was really fun and I have a feeling this isn't the end of the story. The industry can learn a lot from this community ... thumbs up!

With the nineT, we finally have a real motorcycle again: two wheels, a frame, engine, naked and a normal chassis with a normal fork – sure, upside down is always a matter of taste, but at least there's NO telelever! Only real materials – a lot of aluminium and steel, as well as spokes &nbash; etc. ... a ride with the potential due to the electronically far-sighted construction, to have a good basis for many changes. Not nearly as much grunt as you think it would have physically. Almost every current motorcycle plays with a good chassis, clean performance development (about 110 hp, I think), air and oil cooling, and of course also ABS. It could really end up ok. And here is finally the video of the tour you can now enjoy in peace.

Take care, Peter


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