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Far away from power mania and knee dragging, we offer exclusive motorcycles in old and new metal. We're dedicated to traditional values, inspired by the pulse of former times and living this dream in the center of Berlin.

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The Story


A story of grandeur, gasoline, tears and featured beauties


Now I want to stay humble when I explain how we deserve what we do, because the truth is, we warrant every bit of it! We work damn hard and do it damn well! Besides, I don't regularly have such narcissistic outbursts but think it's important to acknowledge one's self every now and then.

Urban Motor

So you can see how I could shed a tear – I'm not made of stone, you know. The joy I get from seeing our babies in the magazines is that of a parent, and makes me very, very happy. It's the combination of blood, sweat and a few potions that are in every place as well as the entire entity of Urban Motor. This is really a lot of hard work, so thank you all very much, and cheers to the team!

Take care, Peter

Hall of fame

Beauties from the early years of Urban Motor in 360°

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